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New kind of but not really.

I just joined to post this. I'm quite a fan of Tori Amos, and enjoy her music like woah, and enjoy almost every song on every CD of hers. I don't really know what she's like as a person so I can't say I like her or hate her, but whatever. I saw her on Punk'd and felt she was a bit patronizing. But yeah. I get the feeling a lot of you like Kate Bush, and I was wondering who she was, if she's really good, and if anyone would like to tell me where I could find things out about her, music...you know, all that stuff.
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You can go to gaffa.org to find just about everything you wanted to know about her, up to about 1994 I think. You can go to the
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You can go to gaffa.org to find just about everything you wanted to know about her, up to about 1994 I think. You can go to the <lj-comm="gaffa"> community to ask whatever questions you have. And you can go to <a href="http://www.dongrays.com/kate-bush/mp3/">Kate Bush in MP3</a> to download some early demos or rare unreleased stuff of hers. The demos on that page are from when she was as young as 15 I believe, and so they don't really sound like her later work, but it's pretty interesting stuff.

You can find Kate Bush CDs at any good music store. She has a sort of 'greatest hits' CD called 'The Whole Story', but it was released pretty early in her career, so i think it only has singles from 1978-1985, but it's still a good starting place because it shows some of her diversity as an artist.

I hope this all makes sense, I just woke up! ;D
Thanks so much.
You're welcome. Hope you enjoy!
Personally, I'd rec some of the following--these are just a few:

Under the Ivy
Rubberband Girl
The Sensual World
The Dreaming
And Dream of Sheep
The Red Shoes
Jig of Life
Sat in Your Lap
Hounds of Love
what happened on punk'd???!?!?!
Well, it was at an award show, it was short, and the kid from Malcom in the Middle, not Frankie Muniz but the other one, he kept asking her questions about 90210, like as if she were Tori Spelling. I got it off of Kazaa. I'm a loser so I'll type the whole thing out now:

Kid: Since 90210, are you still friends with Shannon Daugherty?
Tori: Oh, you're the cutest thing. I'm Tori Amos. You want Tori Spelling, sweetheart, that's okay.
Kid: You grew up in Beverly Hills, right?
Tori: No, no, honey, no, no. I make records. But that's okay, I'll get you one.
Kid: Any chance of 90210 the movie?
Tori: No, honey, I make records, I'm--I'm not Tori Spelling.
Kid: Wh-what are you doing later?
oh i think i did see it!
ahh cool
I love tori by the way. anyway. thanks!
I thought that was cute. :-p
I liked Tori Amo's early stuff but honestly her last 3 albums have been stupendously awful, uninspired, a waste of everyone's time and money. Tori Amos makes the mistake of having a gigantic ego--she is truly convinced that she cannot write a bad song. It's the kiss of death, and the muse seldom touches the un-humble.

If you like Kate Bush, you really have to listen to Happy Rhodes. Happy Rhodes is a total genius who, because of her FOUR OCTAVE VOCAL RANGE, can sound sometimes like Kate Bush but also somewhat like Karen Carpenter. Yet she remains obscure. I only found out about Happy Rhodes because some critic compared my sound to hers (I'm the Gothic Enya). Boy, was I glad he did, because she is my number one music inspiration right now. Happy Rhodes is absolutely amazing.

http://www.auntiesocialmusic.com <Happy http://www.queeniemusic.com <me, Queenie
Yeah, her early stuff is great but it was her second most recent album that introduced her to me, so I didn't have a frame of reference. I think she does have a big ego, though I don't know much about her as a person. Anyway, I listened to some Kate Bush stuff but didn't really enjoy it. I shall give this Happy Rhodes a try, thanks for the suggestion.
You might also like my free music at http://www.queeniemusic.com if you find that you like Happy Rhodes. I'm more Enya than Kate Bush, though I do get compared to Kate Bush a lot. I'm releasing my second album in November. I suppose I have had my chance to be more like Tori Amos, better known across the universe and all that, but I recently turned down an offer from a feeder label to stay independent. I'm still conflicted and I'm not sure if I have done the right thing. I might have acted stupidly, I don't know. I play piano & guitar. Actually I have my degree in music and my real job is Piano Teacher.

Right now I'm putting all my tracks-in-progress on the web as I am still working on them until November. I get valuable feedback on my mixes (I'm no audio whiz) and my listeners get to hear what I am up to. The new album will be called Dream of Flight.