beavis666 (beavis666) wrote in torianus,

tori amos

she's sucked for close to a decade now. her last 3 albums were absolute trash, and she's not hot anymore. her continued touring is akin to fat elvis in vegas- a disgrace. her fans are rabidly dogmatic retards.
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I hate Toria Amos too. I can't stand her singing, it makes my ears bleed. She sounds like a screaming banshee that can't pronounciate. Why does she bother writing lyrics, all she does is make wierd noises into the mic anyways. Who can understand her. Ugh! She is fake! Saw her on the street in London and she basically ran way from this couple when they try to approach her for an autograph. There's a lot of bad music out there I can bare but I can't deal with Tori Amos, she sounds like someone scratching their nails on a black board.